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Terms and Conditions of EXICUCI FARM

Chapter I. General Rule.

Article 1. (Purpose)
The purpose of this Agreement is to prescribe rights obligations, responsibilities, and other necessary matters between the company and its members regarding the conditions and procedures for the use of all relevant services provided by EXICUCI FARM (hereinafter referred to as the service).

Article 2. (statement, explanation and revision of terms and conditions)

The contents of this Agreement shall take effect by posting it on the company's service membership website or notifying the users in other ways, and agreeing to this Agreement when the user subscribes as a member.
The company may amend this Agreement to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws, such as the Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions and the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection.
If the company amends the terms and conditions, it shall announce the date of application and the reason for the amendment, along with the current terms and conditions, on the initial screen, pop-up screen, or notice of the company's website from 7 days before the date of application.
However, in the event of a change in contents that is unfavorable to or significant to the member, the member shall be notified 30 days before the application date.
If the company notifies the revised terms and conditions according to the previous paragraph and clearly notifies the members within the seven-day period, the member shall be deemed to have agreed to the revised terms and conditions if the member fails to express his/her intention explicitly.
If a member expresses an express intention that he/she does not agree to the application of the revised terms and conditions, the company cannot apply the contents of the revised terms and conditions, and in this case, the member may terminate the service contract. However, the company
may terminate the service contract if there are special circumstances in which the existing terms and conditions cannot be applied.

Article 3. (Other than Terms and Conditions)

In addition to these terms and conditions, the company may notify or obtain consent from the members by prescribing separate notices, individual terms and conditions, individual agreements, information on use, operation policies, and detailed guidelines (hereinafter referred to as detailed guidelines)
for the service, and if the details of the detailed guidelines conflict with the terms and conditions, detailed guidelines shall take precedence.
Matters or interpretations not provided for in this Agreement shall be governed by the Detailed Guidelines and the relevant statutes or correlations.

Article 4. (Definitions of Terms)
The terms used in this Agreement are defined as follows:

Member: refers to a person who has approved these terms and conditions and has signed a service contract with the company by signing up as a member.

ID: This refers to the e-mail address or mobile phone number registered by the member to identify the member and use the service.

Password: This refers to the combination of letters and numbers approved by the company by the member to check the identity of the member and protect the member information.

Virtual Assets: The purpose of the service is information that exists electronically in the block chain such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

KRW point (KRW): It is a point that a member can charge using the payment method provided by the company, use for trading virtual assets, and exchange them with cash. However, there is no separate interest.

Seller: A member who intends to sell a virtual asset and has registered or applied for the virtual asset in accordance with the form provided by the company online.

Buyer: A member who intends to purchase a virtual asset and has registered or applied for the virtual asset in accordance with the form provided by the company online.

Content service: Paid services such as gift certificates sold by pin numbers, paper gift certificates, prepaid cards, etc. that provide gift certificates that can be purchased by Bithumb KRW or BTC, and prepaid cards that are charged with virtual assets.

Chapter 2 Application and acceptance of service use (membership registration and withdrawal)

Article 5. (Enforcement of a contract for use)
The user enters the membership information in accordance with the subscription form set by the company and signs that he/she agrees to the terms and conditions to apply for membership.
Membership is the time when the company's consent has reached the member.
The service contract is concluded on a member ID basis. When a service contract is established, the applicant is registered as a member.
A member who is not a real name or falsely subscribed by stealing personal information such as another person's name and phone number shall not be legally protected, and all civil or criminal responsibilities shall be borne by the member who has joined.
Those under 19 years of age limit the use of virtual asset transaction-related services provided by the company.
If the user is a citizen, citizen, permanent resident, resident, etc. of a country or region that has not implemented or non-cooperative international standards announced by the FATF (Financial Action Task Force), the use of the service may be restricted, and the members guarantee the following:
It may not be the people, citizens, permanent residents, or residents of countries that do not carry out or cooperate with international standards
Do not use the service while staying in a country where international standards are not implemented and non-cooperative
In the application under paragraph (1), the company may, if necessary, request real name verification and self-certification through specialized institutions according to the type of users according to the relevant statutes.
The company shall not be held liable for any disadvantages caused by the refusal of such a request for provision and the user's identity is not confirmed.

Article 6. (Application for Use)

The application for use is made online by recording the requirements in the company's prescribed application form.
All member information on the online subscription form is considered to be real data, and users who do not enter their real names or actual information cannot be legally protected and may be restricted from using the service.
The company may suspend the use of the service, suspend the service, or terminate the service contract if it is found to be false or false information. The member shall be fully responsible for any damages caused to the company or third party.

Article 7. (Agree to the use of member information and accept the application for use)

The company uses the members' personal information for the purpose of implementing this service contract and providing services under this service contract.
Member information may be provided to the company affiliated with the company in order to make it easier for the member to use the services associated with the company. However, the company shall notify in advance the details of the member
information to be provided and obtain the consent of the members before providing the member information.
The members can view and modify their personal information at any time by modifying their member information.
If a member enters membership information in the application form and applies for use under this Agreement to the company, it is deemed that the company agrees to collect, use and provide the member information listed in the application under this Agreement.
acceptance of application for use

The company may approve the membership if a member applies for use by accurately filling out all the requirements in the company's prescribed application form. However, in cases falling under subparagraph 2 or 3,
the company may withhold its consent or refuse to accept it.

The company may withhold its consent to any of the following applications for use:
A. Where there is no room for equipment
B. In case of technical difficulties
C. In case it is difficult to approve the use due to other company's circumstances;

The company may not accept any of the following applications for use:
A. If your name is not your real name
B. In the case of an application using the name of another person
C. In the case of falsely stating the necessary details when applying for use.
D. Where an application is made for the purpose of hindering the well-being and order or customs of society.
E. When there is a lack of application requirements set by the company,

Article 8. (Suspension and Termination of Use Contracts)
The service contract is terminated by the termination of the member or company.
When a member intends to terminate a service contract, he/she shall file an application for termination with the company after transferring all of his/her assets (virtual assets and won points).
The company may restrict the use of the service or terminate the service contract after the highest period for a considerable period of time if the member falls under the following reasons:

- If someone else's service ID and password are stolen
- Intentionally obstructed service operation.
- If the name you joined is not your real name
- Where a member uses the service for the purpose of undermining the social public interest;
- In the case of an act that damages or penalizes another person's reputation.
- Send large amounts of information or send advertising information for the purpose of hindering the stable operation of the service.
- In the case of distributing computer virus programs that cause malfunction of information and communication facilities or destruction of information, etc.
- In case of fraudulent use of other people's personal information, user ID and password
- Information obtained by using the company's service information is reproduced, distributed or used c…